Provide an online support
to your customers



Assist your clients on your website with a chatbot
Automatically suggest the more appropriate channel
Limit you consultants solicitations to high value requests

OWI.Chatbot understands precisely the questions of your customers on your website and find the best solution. Depending on your choices and on the evalution of the potential value of this interaction, it answers instantly or provides a contact with a consultant according to the chosen channel (e-mail, phone, chat etc.). The solution appears as a Smart Interactive Assistant which interacts directly with the user and can simply be used jointly with your existing systems (CRM / CIM). OWI.Chatbot is a self-learning solution, it learns with every new interaction.

Why do you need OWI.Chatbot for your website ?
  • Because OWI.Chatbot gives instant satisfaction to your customers
  • Because OWI.Chatbot decongest your customer service for your consultants to fully focus on high-value tasks.
  • Because OWI.Chatbot completely suits your existing customer path. It can guide users through to navigation links but also redirect them toward another channel, such as a live chat. Of course OWI then use the conversation history to  help the consultant.
  • Because OWI.Chatbot is as easy to install as to use. You won’t need any script for set up or administration! The knowledge base administrator has a rich and ergonomic environment that informs on the completeness and performance of the solution for Internet users.
How is OWI.Chatbot set up?


Precise definition of the audience

• Definition of the customer’s path

• Reports, alerts, dashboards

• Semantic setting

• Technical overview

Settings and validation

Technical installations

•Setting of the knowledge base

• OWI.Chatbot operationnal

• CR indicators

• Precise semantic settings

• Testing



Securing the launch

• Trainings

• Start-up assistance

• Opening of the VSR service

• Automation


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