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20 years of R&D at the service of your customer relationships

A powerful and reliable semantic heart to better understand your customers

Strategic data to improve the effectiveness of your services

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What is OWI ?

Semantic analysis at your clients service

The OWI semantic engine automates the understanding of natural language, in short, the way people (customers and prospects) normally talk.

Resulting from 20 years of R&D, the neuro-mimetic approach simulates how the brain of a human being figures a message. OWI calculates the relationships between each word to reveal the overall context of the message, which leads to accurate and complete understanding of the meaning.

One of the main OWI innovations is that no setting is needed for OWI engine to automatically identify a set of “semantic signals” in the message (contact patterns, themes, sentiments, personal judgement, etc.).

The OWI semantic engine does not depend on the language used. OWI is able to analyze and simultaneously process messages in different languages and displays all languages analyzed in a comprehensive presentation of the results.

Exceptionnal reliability rate

We know and trust our product. That’s why OWI commits to 95% reliability with intelligent processing, and 90% for the analysis.
For the highest level of safety, OWI is the only engine to calculate itself the message’s “Understanding Relevance”. It is a reliability score to measure the quality of understanding. It is particularly useful when setting the rules for analysis and processing.

A setting process focused on your business

The OWI solution setting is performed by its end users, supported initially by an OWI consultant. It does not need any script or programming and does not require computer knowledge or language skills. It builds directly on the most significant concepts automatically found by the semantic engine.
It simply consists in prioritizing and structuring the “semantic signals” in an analysis plan. It reflects the very unique way your company interprets the messages. The OWI approach allows you to follow step by step the definition of the analysis plan, and the results it produces on a representative sample of messages.

In the heart of your information systems

OWI brings intelligence to existing information systems. You benefit from all the features’ power and can also keep or adopt other solutions mastered by your consultants such as Mail, Chat, Enquêtes etc.
Our solutions easily connect with users’ interfaces, CRM, Databases, DWH, and other software to analyze and process the messages, capture customer knowledge, assist consultants, and trigger automatic actions. We connect without limitation to existing solutions using Web service or other suitable means.



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