The voice
of the customer



Measure contact motives
Detects irritants and new signals
Understand your customers’ feelings
Take advantage your customers feelings to improve your service

OWI.Opinion automates the analysis of the “voice of the customer”, your customers’ state of mind and their feedback from pre-sales to after-sales. OWI.Opinion is able to identify the themes, important subjects, motives and centers of interest and to accurately measure your customers’ appreciations (sentiments).

You get a complete, graphic and quantified, vision of the voice of your customers as it is expressed through their writings. The dashboard allows you to discover the underlying reasons for dissatisfaction, complaint or invisible expectations, specific to your customers.

Why do you need OWI.Opinion to understand your customers?
  • Because OWI.Opinion is a true strategic tool to support action plans, it helps to make educated decisions and provides continuous monitoring of their impact on the opinions of your customers.
  • Because OWI.Opinion is able to analyse the feelings (anxiety, joy, aggressiveness, triumph, passivity, sadness and irony) and to measure the tone : positive, negative, neutral, attrition etc.)
  • Because OWI.Opinion fits your context and challenges, it is easy to implement, simple and dynamic to use.
  • Because OWI.Opinion gives you a permanent and instantaneous competitive intelligence overview
How is OWI.Opinion set up ?
  1. Customer relationship diagnosis : with this diagnostic, OWI identify with you irritants and points of excellence of your customers path. Our dashboards allow you to detect low value-added activities and areas for improvement that can generate rapid benefits. This is also the setting step, we understand your language, your environment, your context.
  2. Opinion is set up either independently or as a complement of other OWI services. With no needed setting and with a simple training, you can measure precisely the motives of contact of your customers and understand their views and feelings.

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