Mobilize your consultants
on more value-added tasks



Automate tasks with low added low value
Process e-mails based on their real priority
Focus your consultants on high value tasks
Widely open the e-mail channel to your customer and partners

As soon as the message is received, OWI analyses it to make the best decision: send an automatic answer or transfer to the concerned service with the right priority tag. In most cases, a consultant has to process  this e-mail : OWI prepares this task by looking for suitable documentary evidence in the knowledge bases and provides the consultant unselor with answer suggestions.


To answer, the consultant will click on one or more of those suggestions and therefore create a quality answer. Dashboards are fed in real time, providing a full overview of the activity and to keep track of customers’ motives and opinions.


Here is what it looks like in the banking sector :

Why do you need OWI.Mail to process yous customers e-mails ?
  • Because OWI.Mail is commited to 95% reliability for intelligent processing
  • Because OWI.Mail frees your consultants for more interesting tasks
  • Because OWI.Mail allows you to expand your customer knowledge
  • Because OWI.Mail will instantly improve the quality of your customer service: reducing response time thanks to direct assignment to the right person, improving the response rate from the first contact using answer suggestions, priorities will always be met to ensure a good match with your service contracts.
  • Because OWI.Mail detects risks such as attrition and commercial opportunities
  • Because OWI.Mail analyses the content of attachments and allows automatic indexing
  • Because OWI.Mail has a connector catalog (CRM, mail server, workflow engine…) that ensures quick and easy installation
  • Because, if your users use Outlook, OWI.Mail provides supervision screens and monitor your activity. With the OWI.Opinion Option, you’ll know everything on the contact patterns of your customers ; motives, opinions, irritants, sensitive subjects, new signals…
How is OWI.Mail set up?


Precise Targetting
• Definition of the client’s course

• Reports, Alerts, Dashboards

• Semantic Settings

• Technical Study

Settings and validation

Technical installation

• Setting up the knowledge base

• Operationnal OWI Mail

• Training

• Precise semantic settings

• Testing


Securing the launch

• Start up Assistance

• SVR service opening

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