Make your consultants
more effective



Boost your customer engagement
Help your consultants to be more effective
Provide your customer with the best possible answer

OWI.Chat provides consultants with answer suggestions integrated directly in the chat. With its self learning knowledge base and its semantic engine matching human quality, OWI.Chat suggests 2 to 3 best and customized answers to your consultants. Thus, he can respond more quickly and accurately to all requests. He can even handle several multiple conversations simultaneously, and solve every possible case.

You can monitor the quality of service and requests motives through our dashboards, reports and alerts.

Why do you need OWI.Chat to answer to your customers ?
  • Because OWI.Chat can improve your counselllors’ productivity, while answering more efficiently to your customers.
  • Because OWI.Chat learns from each new situation to always offer the most suitable response
  • Because OWI.Chat has an outstanding reliability rate of 80% for its response suggestions submitted to consultants
  • Because OWI.Chat is easy to use and to set up
  • Because OWI.Chat allows you to measure easily your customer satisfaction
How is OWI.Chat set up


Precise Targetting

• Definition of the client’s course

• Reports

• Alerts

• Dashboard

• Semantic Settings

• Technical Study

• RC Indicators (param)


Technical installation

• Setting up the knowledge base

• Operationnal OWI Chat

• Training

• Precise semantic settings

• Testing


Securing the launch

• Start up Assistance

• SVR service opening

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