All you need to know about the channels
of your customer relationships



Measure the contact motives
Understand the critical moments of your customers’ itinerary
Identify irritants and main strengths
Identify low signals
Qualify precisely your digital transformation projects

Turnkey service, the Customer relationship diagnostic offers a comprehensive vision of the customer experience for the studied channel, thanks to directly exploitable and highly informative deliverables (interactive dashboards, reports etc.)

Why do you need a Customer Relationship Diagnostic?
  • Because the Customer Relationship Diagnostic offers a in depth knowledge of the customer experience and allows you to identify areas for improvement
  • Because the Customer Relationship Diagnostic gives you insight on the effectiveness of your pathways by measuring your customers’ effort and their judgement on your products and services
  • Because the Customer Relationship Diagnostic allows you to assimilate the language of your customers, to understand the way they talk and to make you communication more efficient
  • Because the Customer Relationship Diagnostic analysis every source of contact with your customers (phone calls, e-mails, contact forms, chat, IRC, mails, CRM etc.) and offers a 360° vision of your customer relations.
How is Customer Relationship Diagnostic set up?

The service is conducted by an OWI consultant as much experienced in this specific service as in your activity sector. You provide him with a representative sample of studied channels. During three workshops, our consultants and your expert correspondant jointly develop your own analysis plan and key indicators for your activity.
Motives, irritant, efforts… every aspect of the client experience will be clearly formalized. After a month, we will deliver a dashboard which will allow you to deepen the analysis, as well as a diagnostic, highlighting short term areas for improvement. Thank to those data, you will be able to quantify precisely the business case of your projects for your digital transformation.


• Customer relation messages (roughly 10 000 verbatims)
• Metadata and reference documentation
• Nomenclatures

Analysis plan
• Mapping the tree of information


Allows OWI…
• to interpret messages the way the client do
• first the consultant, then the engine

Allows the customer…
• to check the consistency and the comprehensiveness of the analysis plan


• The key indicators

• Powerpoint  reports

Analysis Plan
• Solution ready


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